If you are wondering if you should go study abroad, I have one simple advise: GO!
Doing an exchange is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You get to learn a lot about yourself,  about other cultures and you get to meet new friends from all over the world.
It sounds very clichΓ©, nonetheless it is true.
I always knew that I wanted to do a semester studying abroad. I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go, just that I wanted to go. When I had the chance, I took it and ended up in beautiful San Sebastian. A choice I have not regretted for a moment!
study abroad
Here’s a few reasons why you should go too!

1: You’ll meet new friends from across the globe

Meeting new people is always fun. I believe you can learn a lot from people with different cultures than your own. Both learn a lot about other cultures, but also (and maybe especially) about yourself. It is super fun and it gives you even more reason to travel afterwards, because you should visit all your new friends, of course!

study abroad

study abroad

study abroad

(I’m already missing all of my new friends :'( )

2: You get to travel during your study abroad

If you love to travel, an exchange is a perfect opportunity to explore a new country or even a new part of the world. No matter where you go, you’ll get to know your city and the area around it very well. You will probably also learn a lot about the culture and maybe learn the language. Even though you have to go to school and do homework, it still feels different from being home and you are doing so many exciting things on you sparetime. You can read about some of the places I travelled here.

study abroad

3: You get international experience

International experience is really good for you resumΓ©, as it shows that you are independent and are able to adapt to and live in a foreign culture. Besides, it shows that you are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Pretty cool, I’d say!

4: You become a stronger version of you

Being away from home can be hard and you are going to face a lot of different challenges. Both big and small. You will learn how to overcome these challenge and learn how much you can actually do on your own. I believe I have grown a lot as a person, because of my exchange stay.

study abroad


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  1. Loved this piece! I was offered a chance to do a study abroad course in Denmark, however, I’d also had a fantastic placement opportunity at home in the UK (paid) so I turned it down. My best friend went to Copenhagen and she LOVED it, and said it was one of the most rewarding things she’s done, plus she’s still really close with a lot of the people she met while she was there. Thanks for sharing xoxo

    Shan// http://www.cultureandcouture.co.uk

  2. I have always wanted to study abroad. All of the things you mentioned are reasons that I have been interested in a study abroad experience. Sadly as a nursing student study abroad is not available for my program. A few of my sorority sisters have done a semester abroad and they all had amazing experiences.

  3. I have studied abroad and have to agree with most of the things you say. There is one thing, which is a bit sad. I had a fantastic time and made friends from all over the world, but when studies are over, everyone is back to their countries. It is hard to see each other later and you end up not keeping in touch.

    Alexander Popkov
  4. Couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing better you can do when you’re young. An amazing way to get out there, meet new people, experience new places and grow as a person. Great piece!

    Alex Trembath
  5. Great article! I once had an opportunity to go study abroad, but I gave it up because of my new relationship, and new job… Now, 12 years later I still have the same job and the same partner πŸ™‚ but I always remember that lost opportunity…

    Postcard Stories
  6. Very true and very well written. More so than the experience I believe meeting new friends from different cultures teaches a hell lot and expedites personal growth.

    Earth's Pilgrim
  7. So true! Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing different places and people is so vital to personal growth and overall global respect for the beauty of our differences!! Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! Cheers!

    Sippin Gypsy
  8. Liked your piece! I remember when I was a student how much I wanted to study abroad 😁 you are so right about all those reasons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I still have some friends from back in that period 🌷🌷

  9. I did all my studies in the country of my birth, primarily due to lack of opportunities. However, I fully agree with you. Anyone who gets a chance should just go for it.

    Denny George

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