Seville is a beautiful place.

The beauty of Seville has officially blown me away. The city is absolutely stunning and there are plenty of things to do in Seville. After reading this post, you’ll have a full 3-day itinerary of things to do in Seville!

Earlier this week I visited Seville with a friend of mine, as our last girl’s trip of our Erasmus stay. We enjoyed Seville’s many gorgeous places to see and all the outstanding food, which can be found everywhere in the city.

Best things to do in Seville

Our first day in Seville: Why you should visit Metropol Parasol, Casa de Pilatos and eat these churros

First we had to drop of our luggage,

We arrived in the afternoon after a short flight from Bilbao. Then we hurried to our Airbnb, to leave our stuff and get out in the sun. We wanted to start discovering the as soon as possible, as we had planned so many things to do in Seville in a pretty short time. Our first stop was at Metropol Parasol, which is the largest wooden structure in the world. It was impressive!

That’s not all,

We were there during december, so there was a Christmas market under the big wooden mushroom. The market was quite different from what we were used to in Northern Europe, but it was fun to see how they do Christmas markets in Spain.

Seville Seville

You MUST visit this place!

We moved on to Casa de Pilatos. It is the most beautiful Andalusian palace with beautiful gardens.
All of the walls of the palace were filled of Spanish tiles in different colors. I loved all the little details in each one of them. It seems like there is put so much effort into every single tile.

Seville Seville Seville

These churros are seriously the best! 

We headed into the city centre where we got churros and hot chocolate at Bar el Comercio. The churros were perfect and the chocolate was thick and full of flavour, just as it should be.

It gets better,

The churros were perfectly crispy, without being too greasy and with the hot chocolate they were just perfect.  I would definitely recommend you to go here and enjoy this typical spanish treat!

So gooood!

When we had regained a bit of energy after eating a bunch of churros, we decided to go for a walk in the city centre. Just walking around in the city and looking at the beautiful buildings with the sun in your face, is great! As I mentioned earlier the city is stunning!

Thank God for Google Maps!

The city centre has multiple little, narrow streets and it is easy to get lost. We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the small shops as well as the houses, where locals lived.


This is where you should watch the sunset!

In the afternoon we watched the sunset at Torre del Oro. Absolutely beautiful! The colors of the sunset, the tower and the river next to it gave it an almost fairytale like feeling. I could imagine sitting here enjoying a few snacks before dinner, while watching the sunset on a warm summer evening. Seville

If you love desserts, this is the place for you!

At night we went to Robles Tapas bar for dinner. They serve all sorts of typical Spanish food, but what you really want to eat is the amazing, homemade desserts! We spoke to their dessert chef and he explained a little about each of their desserts. They were really wonderful and I wish I could have tried all of them.

Our second day in Seville: Seville Cathedral, Real Alcazar de Seville, Plaza de España and a lunch recommendation

The next day we went to the Seville Cathedral or as it is called in Spanish “Catedral de Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla”. The cathedral is beautiful and has lots of small details on the outside. We only went inside a small part of it, that is public. I think it was not as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.


You can’t leave Seville, without seeing this place

Afterwards we went to Real Alcázar de Seville, which was one of my favorite things to do in Seville! We spent almost 3 hours there. We almost lost our way in the many hallways and different gardens. It is incredibly beautiful and I loved the architecture.

I really understand why they wanted to use this place for some scenes in Game of Thrones! I really liked that it had so many different parts, that had different styles and colours. Absolutely beautiful!

Seville Seville Seville Seville Seville Seville

A lunch recommendation

Here’s where you should go for Iberian ham in Seville: 

When we found our way out of the palace, we had lunch at 5J. The restaurants specializes in iberian ham and was so great! A little expensive, but well worth it. The restaurant where tastefully decorated and I really liked the atmosphere in there – I would definitely recommend you to go if you visit Seville!

An advice for what you shouldn’t do when visiting Plaza de España

Or should you?
It depends on your ability to row. Say what?

This wasn’t probably the best idea we ever had, 

but we rented a boat and tried to row around the plaza. That did not go so well, since I am a complete idiot when it comes to rowing and my friend has an injury in her shoulder.

Luckily, we managed to get halfway around the plaza and back, before we had to give back the boat.

Seville Seville Seville

The plaza was beautiful! It is truly a unique place, due to the Spanish tiles. I loved the details in each tile and how it made everything more colourful. I had seen the place many times before on Instagram and Pinterest and it was just as beautiful in real life.

This restaurant is worth a visit:

At night we went for dinner at Restaurante La Piemontesa – La Casa del Tesorero. The restaurant is really beautiful (!!!) and they serve good italian food at reasonable prices. I loved it!


What to do when you have seen the major sites?

On the last day we had ticked off most of our list of things to do in Seville. So we took an easy day, where we mostly just chilled around.

How we passed time (and had fun!)

We went for a boat trip through the river, that took us past some of the places we had not seen. It was very nice, but a little expensive. The trip took about an hour and because we went to Seville a bit out of season, there were almost no one else on board. It felt as if we had a private cruise.


When we returned to the mainland, we sat down at the river and enjoyed the sun. I even got a bit of a sunburn in the end of December! It was very nice to take in some of the last D-vitamins before we both had to return to Northern Europe.

Did you fall in love with Seville, yet?

So did I and so did Sierra from XOXO Sierra, who has written about some unexpected experiences she has had in Seville. Her experience sounds awesome, so make sure to go and check it out!

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Things to do in Seville

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  3. I love your photos! Some great things to do here, Seville is slowly becoming a well-known holiday destination. I’m half-Spanish myself so have spent some time in Seville (when I was much younger) but am keen to get back there and explore as a proper tourist. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I’m seeing more and more people talking about Seville, it looks like such a great place to visit! So far in Spain I’ve only been to Barcelona, but would love to explore other cities. Thank you for sharing this itinerary, it might just be the inspiration to make Seville my next one!

    Alex Trembath

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