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Thailand is an amazing country country, where you can experience everything from wild jungles to buzzing big cities to beautiful beaches at the islands. Because of this huge diversity it can be very hard to figure out what you should bring for your trip. Therefore, I tried to make this special Thailand packing list to help you out.

Thailand packing list part 1:

Clothes you will need!

Because Thailand is always very warm, my best recommendation would be to bring some loose clothes made from thin fabrics. If the clothes are too tight or the fabric is too thick you are going to melt away in it.

For visits to temples etc.

As I mentioned in my travel guide to Chiang Mai you have to bring some clothes that cover your body. Especially your shoulders and your knees for when you are visiting temples. However, other places also has a specific dress code. Here I would recommend you to wear something like a skirt and a loose, white T-shirt. This follows the dress code, but it is still comfortable – perfect combination.

white T-shirt Thailand packing list
A loose white T-shirt is so nice when it’s hot outside!

For sightseeing

When I travel, I always make sure to bring a bag to carry my water bottle, sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen and so on with me. Mostly it’s my backpack, because it can contain lots of things and still be comfortable to carry around for a long time. Other times I bring a large shoulder bag. However, that’s mostly if I know I’m only going to be out for a few hours. The point is that if you fill these and wear them for much longer than a couple of hours, your shoulder is going to hurt.

Sightseeing outfit. essential for thailand packing list
My favorite type of outfit for sightseeing in Thailand: A loose top, shorts, my backpack and my sunglasses

Outfits that make you look perfect and comfortable:

A loose top is amazing, when you are travelling in warm places as it let’s your body breathe. My shorts are also part of my favorite sightseeing outfit, because they look good and are also very practical since they have pockets. I am actually not very good at wearing sunglasses, hence why they are in my hair always. But for those situations where sunglasses are really necessary, I always make sure to bring them. Finally, I would always make sure to wear a good pair of sneakers when sightseeing.

This will make the trip to the beach way better

When visiting the beaches in Thailand you don’t need much. You can choose to bring your own towel or most places you can rent one. If you choose to bring your own towel this is what I recommend:

You should bring one of those thin ones, that feels more like a scarf, because it is easier to get sand of those than regular towels. Besides, you’ll need a nice bikini or a bathing suit depending on what you feel most comfortable wearing. You can also bring both so you have something to change between. Swimwear isn’t going to take up a lot of space in your luggage anyway – perfect combination times two.

Remember this when going out in Thailand

What you bring for going out depends widely on where you plan to go out.

Or does it?

You probably won’t have to worry about a dress code, if you are planning on letting your inner party animal out. This applies if you go to the Khao San road in Bangkok, but also at one of the many beach bars on the islands. For these places you can wear anything you want. I would probably choose to wear a loose dress or maybe a playsuit.

On the other hand,

if you are going to visit more “fancy” bars like the rooftop bar in Bangkok (the one the guys from Hangover Part 2 visit) you’ll have to dress according to the dress code. This dress code is typically something like no sports wear, no open shoes for men, no flip-flops etc.

But what is the dress code specifically?

The bars actually don’t tell you what to wear exactly, but it should be clothes for going out. However, if you follow the “no sports wear, no open shoes for men, no flip-flops etc.” you should be good-to-go. I’ve found a collection that fits the hot climate of Thailand, but still looks like you’re going out here:

Lovely dress and a beautiful pair of comfy, yet classy sandals  

Thailand packing list part 2:

Toiletries you don’t want to forget in Thailand!

Besides of your basic toiletries you’d bring everywhere, there are some things that are particularly important to remember when you are making your Thailand packing list.

Something you must either bring to Thailand or buy there is mosquito repellant. I found this to be particularly useful when I visited the islands and the jungles of Thailand in the north. In Bangkok I didn’t really feel the need for Mosquito repellant. I think this is due to the smog so the mosquitos can’t really live there, not too sure though.

A good sunscreen is also a must when travelling Thailand. The sun is very sharp and you would want to protect your skin from its rays. If possible stay out of the sun during the midday, since this is when the sun is most dangerous.

This medicine could help you stay healthy

medicine thailand packing list

I would also bring some Malaria medicine if you are planning to take a trip to the jungles of Thailand. The disease can unfortunately be found here. When I was there I asked the guide about it and he told me it was very rare, so if you have bad side effects from the medicine, it might not be worth it. Make sure to talk to your doctor about it before you go though. If you use any other medicine I would also make sure to bring this from home.

This tip will spare you nasty stomach aches; 

Before you go make sure to start taking your lactic acid bacterias to make sure your stomach is ready for all the new bacterias that comes with travelling to Thailand. I got a really good advice once, from an experienced backpacker. He told me that if you make sure to eat yogurt from the country in which you are travelling the first couple of days, you can get some of the benefits you would get from taking lactic acid bacteria pills, since you will get some of the local bacterias in this way.

Should you experience stomach trouble anyway,

I would make sure to bring a product from home against it, in case you are only travelling for a limited time. If you have time for a couple of “sick-days” I would let things go naturally, so to speak. As this is much better for your body and you’ll recover faster.

Thailand packing list part 3

What NEED to be in your carry-on?

The most important thing to remember

In your carry-on bag is your passport of course. Also make sure to check out visa requirements for your country. Most countries get a 30-day tourist visa stamp upon arrival, but make sure to check with you local embassy. I would also bring my most important medicine aboard the plane just in case the airline lose your suitcase.

carry on packing. Thailand packing list

In case the airline loses your luggage, 

I also always make sure to pack an extra set of clothes in my carry on. Just in case. So far I have never experienced losing my stuff, but it does happen and you never know when you are the unlucky one. In that case I think it would be nicer to have something clean to wear until you get your clothes. I also put a few travel sized bottles of my face cleansers, sunscreen etc. in my carry on.

How to make sure time pass by in the plane

I would bring some entertainment. I like to read while flying, I think that time pass by a lot faster. If you are travelling with a partner or your family it can be fun to bring a game too. It could be a card game, UNO or something you make up yourself.

Even if your airline serves snacks, I like to bring my own too. Some nuts and some fruit is really nice to have. I also make sure to bring my own bottle of water.

Thailand packing list part 4:

Other essentials for your Thailand trip to run smoothly!

Okay, so now you are almost done packing.

However, you just need a few more essentials: 

I would recommend you to bring pills against motion sickness or some of those wristbands against it. The thing is, you are most likely going to travel with ferry, bus or songthaew when getting around in Thailand. The ferries are quite unsettled and so can drives through the country be as well. Better safe than sorry guys!

The last important thing on my Thailand packing list,

is a travel adapter. To make sure you can charge your phone, camera and other electronics you are bringing with you on your vacation. I usually bring a plug socket for multiple plugs, so you don’t need plenty of adapters.


I hope you found this special Thailand packing list useful! Have an amazing time in Thailand 🙂

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    1. It depends on how long you go I think, if you are long-term travelling I would pack more, than if I would just go for a weekend.For a weekend trip I would just bring my carry on. 🙂

      Mrs Bosman
  1. Nice! I visited Thailand back in November and omg…it was HOT and HUMID. Like nowhere else I’ve been before. I thought Taiwan was hot (my family is from Taiwan) but no…

  2. Great tips, especially regarding the dress code while visiting the temple, most often tourist are not aware of the dress codes to end up in not getting allowed to enter the premises.

    Koushik K
  3. This is a good inspiration for what to pack. But since Thailand is such a shopping paradise and you get everything you need at even better prices than at home, it’s not a problem when you forget something. I even bought cosmetics in Thailand to bring back home with me since it was at such a great price.

    Renata - www.byemyself.com
  4. Great list you have here, I have some friends who went to Thailand and they really enjoyed it there. I can’t wait to pack my things and travel to that beautiful country! cheers!


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