You might ask; should I visit Bangkok? There is simply no doubt. You have to go! The city has it all! Amazing food, beautiful temples and a rich culture. This month I will share some of my favorite destinations in Thailand, this time Bangkok. This city is just magical and you can do everything here. Here I will present you with an answer to why you cannot avoid going to Bangkok.

First of all, Bangkok has everything: Beautiful temples, recreational sites, warm and nice people, huge shopping malls, thai boxing and least but defefintely not least; AMAZING food! Moreover, it is a cheap country with high quality food. Actually you can safely eat all of the delicious and very very cheap street food. However, it doesn’t stop here. There are so many arguments for why Bangkok has to be on your bucketlist!

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The special feeling and why you should visit Bangkok

Bangkok is a crazy, yet wonderful place. There are plenty of things to do and countless things to see. In Bangkok there’s always something going on and much like New York, the city never sleeps. When you are in the city you’ll always hear the sound of Tuk-Tuks racing down the streets in between cars and cars pressing the horn at them.

Now you may be thinking; Should I visit Bangkok? The answer is still yes!

Here’s why.

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Always busy streets in Bangkok

Temples of Bangkok

In the city you’ll find plenty of temples, one more spectacular than the other. All the temples are COVERED in gold and decorated with the most amazing colors. When you are visiting temples, it is important to remember that you always have to cover your shoulders and knees. Therefore it is a great idea to carry a thin scarf with you for the shoulders and wear a long skirt og long shorts for the knees on the days you know you are going to visit temples.

Street food in Bangkok

One of my favorite things about Thailand is all the street food vendors you’ll find everywhere. These usually have the cheapest, most interesting and delicious food. We were both like labradors basically – always hungry and eating everything, haha!

The best thing?

ALL of the street food is perfectly fine to eat. We spent 1 month in Thailand and 2 weeks in Bangkok. Not one time did we get food poison. So eat away! (-;

ProTip: If the vendor says their food is spicy, believe them! We almost started crying from eating a noodle dish we bought, it was impossible to eat unless you are used to VERY spicy food.

If you are vegetarian and traveling Nirmal and Jyoti from Story At Every Corner has made a great guide on how to make sure you get some really good and filling vegetarian food while travling, as you can’t live from plain salads!

Street food in Bangkok
One of the many street-kitchens in Bangkok

Markets in Bangkok

Markets are everywhere to be found in the city. The variety of markets range from very small, local markets to giant mall-based markets. In the markets of the city you can find almost everything. Some of them has turned quite touristic, while others has remained more authentic. Usually the more authentic ones are the ones you randomly stumble upon, whereas the more touristic ones are the ones you find in guidebooks.

Market in Chinatown
Me at a local market in Chinatown


Bangkok’s chinatown is amazing. You are meet by the lights of a million lamps and signs. The area is super crowded, but there are plenty of amazing street food to be found and lots of tiny shops to see. I loved the buzzing vibe of this area. Also you’ll find some pretty good bars around chinatown.


The parks of Bangkok

The city has some very nice green areas. We loved to hang out in the Lumphini park. It was a nice way to get away from the noise and the busyness of the city. Because of the parks calmness it was almost like entering a whole other place, as it was so different from the outside. Furthermore it was fun to see some of the wild animals that lives in the parks. 

Backwaters of Bangkok tour

While we were in Bangkok we also did a really nice tour called “backwaters of Bangkok”. The tour took you out on a boat trip around the city, where you’d see an orchid-farm, how people live, temples as well as a traditional theater. Also we fed the holy fish near the temple. It was really one of my favorite experiences in Bangkok. You can see a video from it here.

What is your favorite place in the city? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Now that you finally have an answer to “should I visit Bangkok”, you are good to go. However, there is still one thing left for you to do, and that is to GO! When you have booked your trip I made it very easy for you. Therefore, I made a packing list when going to Thailand.

Enjoy your trip (-:


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  1. I visited Thailand for the first time recently and definately want to return! Bangkok sounds amazing – I’m gluten free though so the street food would have to be very carefully negotiated!

    Francesca @ Gluten Free Horizons

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