Living in San Sebastián I got the opportunity to experience lots of the local culture.

A very big part of the basque culture revolves around the amazing food the eat, drinks and social gatherings. The locals of San Sebastian love their pintxos and they love hanging out with their friends and family (who doesn’t?). However, Pintxo Pote on thursday night is probably their favorite time of the week!

Here’s why:

Pintxo Pote is a Thursday-tradition for the locals as well as the exchange students. I am a huge fan of this concept too, as it involves three of my favorite things: food, wine, and friends!

And the best thing?

It comes with a REALLY affordable price that you just can’t say no to. Pintxo pote is especially popular among young people as it is a fun and affordable way to go out.

But what is Pintxo-pote exactly? 

On Thursday night most of the Pintxo-bars around the neighborhood Gros have an offer going on, where you can get a Pintxo and a beer or a glass of wine for around 2 €. So what you do is, that you hop from pintxo-bar to pintxo-bar and try different pintxos in every place. It is so much fun!

A friend of mine told me that this concept started during the economic recession, as the Spaniards no longer could afford to go out as much as they did before. Therefore all the bars made pintxo-pote as a marketing stunt to make going out affordable to everyone. I think this is quite brilliant and it definitely seems to be working as the streets are full of people eating pintxos every Thursday night.

Tip: Some of the bars also have the offer on other days too. You can see where and when in the app “Pintxopote”, which is only available for Android-phones.

In the following you can read about a typical pintxo-night for my friends and I. These three places are SO good and each have very different kinds of pintxos. If you wallk between these three, you will also walk past plenty of other bars, which is also worth a visit.

The cozy Zinema Corner


Zinema Corner has been our place to start Pintxo pote since the first week of our stay in San Sebastian. We basically went there every week and last time I visited San Sebastian I also made sure to make a stop here. They always have really nice and fresh pintxos. I would say they are some of the best quality pintxos any of the bars make for Pintxo Pote. Most bars make lower quality or more simple pintxos thursday night, simply because they are super busy and don’t have time to make more extravagant ones.

Bonus tip: They have sweet blue wine, which is worth trying!

Restaurante Ama-Lur Jatetxea with great Pintxos!


The restaurant is very authentic and there were a lot of locals in the bar, but also outside enjoying their pintxo in the street. It looks like the typical Basque restaurant with long wooden tables and wooden benches or chairs around them. In this place the pintxos are quite big compared to some of the other bars, which is just great! Also the pintxos are super tasty and they have all sorts of different ones. I really liked their pintxo with chorizo.

Even though Paella is not a typical dish in Basque Country, they serve it here for Pintxo Pote and it is actually pretty good! Definitely worth to try it!

Super cute La guinda deli and coffee


The last pintxo-place we went to was La guinda deli and coffee. This was always the place we ended. Mostly because it has a lot of chairs outside, so you can sit down and enjoy your pintxo and drink, but also because it is really close to a lot of good places. So if you wanted to grab something from one of the other bars, while your friends sat here, you could easily do that and come back and enjoy it.

La Guinda serves the best mini-hamburgers for Pintxo pote. They are a little more expensive than the other places, but it is nice to have something a little different in between the more traditional pintxos. During the day La guinda is the most cozy café and serves different types of cakes and coffee.

If you are looking for other things to do in San Sebastian check out my post!

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