Thailand is one of my favorite travel destinations. The country has it all; Beautiful beaches, diverse rainforest and buzzing big city life. In the upcoming time I will share some of my favorite destinations in Thailand, starting of with beautiful holiday-island Koh Tao.


Island life at Koh Tao

We arrived at the island after traveling all night from Bangkok. Spending a night in an over-air-conditioned bus is no ones favorite way to travel, so we were exhausted when we finally arrived. The crystal clear water, the long, white sand beaches and the beauty of the landscape were exactly what we needed to forget all about our long night of traveling. Koh Tao is breathtakingly beautiful!

Koh Tao

Basically, we didn’t know anything about Koh Tao before we went, as it was a pretty spontaneous trip. Our host at the hostel we stayed at in Bangkok had recommended us to go for scuba diving and told us, that if we wanted to get a diving certificate, this was the perfect place to do it as it is both cheap and there are plenty of things to see below the surface. So we bought a ticket and the next night we traveled to Koh Tao. 

Koh Tao

The combination of the lush, green island and the clear, turquoise water was literally one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was like walking into a tiny piece of paradise. It is the kind of place you want to visit if you want to experience complete relaxation and not having to stress to go anywhere since everything is within reach. Ah, so good!

Scuba diving in the ocean around Koh Tao

I quickly learned that scuba diving is not for me. I simply don’t feel comfortable under the water. So while Mr. Bosman was getting his certificate, I spend most of my time taking long walks at the beach, relaxing in the sun and eating amazing food. Which was not too bad either!

The instructor at the diving-school was really great. Obviously, he knew A LOT about diving and what animals and stuff you could see in the area, but he was also great at listening to me when I explained to him why I wanted to quit the course and even gave me different solutions. He really encouraged me to finish the course, since he said it would be a great experience for me. On the other hand, he agreed that it probably would be too dangerous to dive too deep if I felt as uncomfortable under the water as I did, so we found a compromise and I actually ended up doing the whole theoretical part of the dive course.

Koh Tao

Nightlife at Koh Tao

At night all the divers and other tourists meet at the bars along the beach. There is a great atmosphere and we often stumbled upon different shows. One night we found some guys doing a dancing show with fire at the beach. They were very talented and I thought it was a fun thing to watch while enjoying drinks and snacks. When people do these kind of fire-dances I am always afraid they are going to burn themselves or in other ways get hurt. Luckily that did not happen.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao in the news

One of the first things that come up, when you google Koh Tao is this article from the Independent, that gives you reasons why you should not visit Koh Tao. All of these reasons are very scary and I can’t believe all of that is going on at Koh Tao. Nonetheless, one has to be careful when traveling and always use one’s head!

I must emphasize that we didn’t experience anything scary or unpleasant while we were there and I hope that is the case for most tourists.

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Koh Tao


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  1. We went to Thailand over Christmas this past year and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I wish we had more time to spend there! I love all of your gorgeous pictures it makes me want to go back!
    xo, Kam

  2. Thailand is the number one place I want to go, so I was super excited to read your post! BEAUTIFUL pictures! I’m with you on scuba diving 😉 I would also be safely above water!

  3. We were going to do our advanced diving course at Koh Tao in the last couple of weeks, but we ended up doing it at Koh Phi Phi instead, which is also beautiful. After everything I’ve heard would have liked to have seen Koh Tao anyway, it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Alex Trembath
  4. There are often so many negative comments about a place in the press that if you accept them all you will never go anywhere. It’s great that you went to Koh Tao and found out just how fabulous it is.

    Janine Thomas
  5. Thailand has so many beautiful islands to visit. My personal fav is Krabi and Koh Sa mui. Not sure if you got chance to visit those. Thanks for sharing about Koh Tao, looks beautiful .

  6. your pictures are so stunning. I always wanted to visit Koh Tao…we are planning a trip this year.. your post will come really handy..thanks for all the detailed info.

    Ritika Singh
  7. I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and Koh Samui and always pop over to see my friends that live on Koh Tao, it is truly a beautiful island and your photos capture its charm. Great post enjoyed reading it.

  8. UGH, that linked article really is enough to make you hesitant, isn’t it? I think it is even more valuable that you wrote this after reading that one. It looks lovely, I would love to do scuba but I found that I didn’t really like it as much as I wanted to! I will stick to snorkeling. Cheers and Happy Travels!

    1. Yes, that article is so scary. I really hope it doesn’t scare too many people not to go, because it is a really beautiful place to miss out on. Happy travels to you too!

      Mrs Bosman
  9. I have never visited Koh tao but I am going to be in Thailand next Week. This time we are only doing northern Thailand for its authentic Thai culture but I am sure southern Thailand has so much to offer to. This looks like a wonderful place to be in. It’s clean beach and pristine water is what I got attracted to most. Glad you clarified that there is nothing unpleasant about your stay there. I will definitely plan something there next time.


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