Let’s agree that Biarritz, France is a great place for vacation,

With this post, you’ll get a comprehensive guide to Biarritz, the beautiful vacation-town on the French-Basque coast.

There are lots of things to do in Biarritz. You can do surfing, visit the chocolate museum or try some of its many great restaurants.

Here are the best things to do in Biarritz, France

1 Dip your toes in the water at one of the beaches

This is really amazing,

There are six different beaches in Biarritz. Each are different and are good for different things.

If you like surfing,

you should go to The Plage de la Côte des Basques. Here you’ll find a wide beach with great waves for surfing. My favorite beach in Biarritz is the surf beachThere’s a small, twisted path down to the beach. Besides, this beach is not full of surf shops, as many of the other surf-beaches around Basque country.

biarritz, france-beach
Path to the surf beach in Biarritz, France

If you are not into surfing,

you might want to check out Plage Port Vieux, which is located near the old port. At this beach you are sheltered from the waves and the wind, which makes it perfect for swimming. The beach is close to the center of the city, which is also great.

The last beach I want to recommend is Grande Plage,

this is the main beach of the city and is super popular among both tourists and locals. It is right next to the city center and next to the beach you can find a lot of small bars and cafées to sit down and enjoy the view. Consequently is is often pretty crowded, when the sun is out.

2 Visit the Chocolate museum (Yes, you get a sample of the chocolate!)

biarritz, france-chocolate-museum
The front of the chocolate museum

This place is amazing!

Biarritz is a perfect holiday place, but due to the fact we came a bit off season we were lucky enough to have most of the chocolate museum all to ourselves.

The museum contain everything you can think of in terms of chocolate. You’ll learn about the history of chocolate, how it’s made and they even have art made from chocolate!

But it gets even better,

The lady working there was super nice. She showed us some chocolate painting she had made. Doing chocolate painting is super difficult and she is seriously talented, so it was awesome to see her work.

If the visit to the museum has made you hungry for chocolate,

there is also a small shop by the end of the museum, where you can buy chocolate made in-house. Furthermore, you can buy all sorts of different chocolate souvenirs to bring home for your loved ones.

3 Visit one of the city’s landmarks: Casino Municipal

This place is located at the center of the city,  right next to Grande Plage. The Casino was built in 1929 by the architect Alfred Laulhé. Eventually is has become one of the main symbols of Biarritz and contains the casino, a swimming pool and a theater. You’ll also find some nice bars in the area. Here you can find a nice place to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere in the area.

4 Walk to the light tower and get an amazing view

biarritz, france light tower

You’ll want to walk here.

The walk to the light tower is seriously beautiful and you’d definitely want to walk there from the city center. You’ll walk along the coast and see all of the huge, but stunning buildings as well as the ocean. You’ll also walk past one of the city’s landmarks, the Hôtel du Palais.

As you reach the light tower,

you’ll get a beautiful view of Biarritz on each side. It is seriously stunning and also a great place to take photos for your scrapbook (or Instagram 😉 )

Biarritz, france view-light-tower
The view to Biarritz from the light tower


5 Visit the old Fishermen’s port to find nice restaurants and enjoy the atmosphere of the old fishermen cottages

If you love a maritime feeling, this place is for you!

In the old Fishermen’s port you’ll find some of the best seafood restaurants in Biarritz. In the area you’ll also be able to enjoy the cozy atmosphere, that comes from the old fishermen’s cottages.

But are there actually still fishermen there? No, unfortunately most of the fishermen has gone. Consequently it’s now mostly tourists, who come here to enjoy the amazing food in the area as well as the maritime architecture.

I really like this and some of the other old ports in Basque Country. In fact the old port of San Sebastian was one of my favorite places to hang out when I lived there.

6 Halles de Biarritz: An interesting food market

Food markets are the best.
This one in Biarritz has a great combination of traditional basque specialties as well as typical french food. If you are a foodie this market is definitely worth a visit!

The market has one part that is completely dedicated to fish and another that is dedicated to everything else.

Where to eat in Biarritz?

Restaurant la Goulue

Biarritz, france restaurant-la-goule
The dish of the day at La Goulue was amazing

This place can be a little hard to find,

It is hidden in one of the many small streets of Biarritz, but once you find it, it will be well worth the search. The restaurant is super cute and looks really french. The food was amazing and full of flavour. I would definitely recommend you to go here.

You don’t speak french?

No worries, the staff at in this restaurant actually speaks quite good english and they are also very nice and friendly. The will for sure do their best to help you out.

Try the crêpes at Arroka Brasserie

Who doesn’t love crêpes?

Above all, I feel completely in love with the sweet dulce de leche version they served at Arroka in Biarritz, France. It was just the perfect mix of a thin, thin crêpe and caramelly dulce de leche with a bit of roasted nuts on top along with a rich scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

They also serve plenty of other stuff,

but this crêpe just needed to be mentioned on its own!

biarritz, france crepes

No trip to France would be complete without cheese!

Stop by La Grappe a Fromage,

a local restaurant/fromagerie to try some of the best cheeses the area has to offer.

Along with the cheese-restaurant they also have a store, so you can buy some cheeses to enjoy later. How awesome is that? Furthermore the store has a great wine selection. This means that you can get everything you need for a nice picnic in one place in case you don’t want to dine at the restaurant.

What is the best way to get to Biarritz, France?

By plane:

There is a small, but well-connected airport in the city of Biarritz. Many of the large airport throughout Europe has direct flights here, because it is such a great place to go for vacation. I have found that plane tickets for Biarritz, France is usually cheaper during the summer.

Say what? 

I think this price drop is due to the amount of flights that go to Biarritz in the summer. During the summer a lot of the discount airlines have planes going here, while there is not as many during the winter months.

From the airport you can get to the city center, for as little as 1 €.

By train:

You might know this,

but France has a great train system! Biarritz is connected to the french railway system and you can easily reach anywhere in France from here. The trains are cheaper than the flights, but more expensive and faster than the busses.

If you go from Paris to Biarritz, you can expect a price for the train ticket around 100 € and then you’ll be in Biarritz 4 hours later.

Travelling with SNFC (French Railway operator) is easy and their trains are really comfortable and clean.

By bus:

A lot of the big bus companies in Europe are stopping by Biarritz, France. This means that you can get to Biarritz from many different places. Two bus companies that goes to Biarritz is Flixbus and OuiBus.


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