Madrid is always a good idea!

After reading this post, you’ll have 10 wonderful places you must visit on your next trip to the spanish capital. The city has plenty of things to do, but I tried to narrow my list down to the 10 best things to do in Madrid.

Madrid is by far one of my favorite cities. I travelled to the city many times now, and I always seem to discover new places to eat and things to do. There is something about the atmosphere in the city, which makes it a really special place. Madrid is in many ways a different kind of European big city. Madrid has no Eiffel Tower, no Coloseum or no other attractions like that, which I believe is a good thing, actually. The lack of huge tourist attractions contributes to preserving Madrid and it’s special athmosphere .

10 best things to do in Madrid

1. Take a walk past Palacio Real

palacio real madrid royal palace

First stop on my list of best things to do in Madrid is visiting the royal palace.

I think the royal palace is worth seeing


there is no need to actually go into the palace,unless you are a big fan of royal residences.

You can see a lot from outside and the lines to get in, go on forever. It is better to save that time and do something else. You will notice there is quite a lot of tourists in the area around the palace, which also make it an interesting marketplace for street artist and street vendors of all kinds. Be very aware of pickpockets here.

2. Take a ride with the teleférico and see the views over the city