First of all, let’s agree that Barcelona is a magical city! It simply has it all: beautiful beaches, amazing architecture and all my favourite food.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

After reading this post I promise you that you’ll get some of the best places to go, the best tips and last but not least some secrets to unlocking the authentic side of Barcelona.

Last week I spent a couple of days discovering Barcelona with Mr Bosman. We had crazy lot of fun as we always do in Spain!

This was my first trip to Barcelona, so I was super excited about it. All of my friends had given me their best advice on things to do and where to eat. They all told me how much they loved the city, so my expectations for the trip were super high.

Now that I have seen the city on my own, I must agree with everyone – It is an awesome city! In Barcelona there are plenty of things to see, it is very easy to get around and so much to explore around the city.

One thing I particularly liked,

was the large amount of small, cute cafées! Who doesn’t love to enjoy their coffee in a cute place?

Our 3 days in Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona for 3 days? 

Here’s what we did!

First day in Barcelona: why you should visit Sagrada Família and walk through the citySagrada Familia in Barcelona Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

We had a slow morning on our first day.  We slept in and got ready in our very own pace. It was a super great way to get into the right vacation-mode!

But when we got up, we had important things to do

When we were ready, we walked from our cozy Airbnb to the beautiful in-the-making church; Sagrada Familia. It was a pretty long walk, but it was a great way to see a lot of the city at the same time. We brought lunches for our walk, so when we got hungry we sat down on a bench and ate while watching people.

Anyway, we reached Sagrada Familia and it was beautiful!

The architecture is impressive and it is super cool to see how the church looks unfinished. I would definitely want to go back when it’s finished one day. I think this is an absolute must see when visiting Barcelona!

We did not go inside Sagrada Familia,

mostly because there was a huge line and we wanted to explore more of the cute cafées in the neighborhood. I have heard it is quite beautiful though.

Second day in Barcelona: Visit the busy Park Güell, La Rambla and Mercado de la Boqueria

The next day we went to Park Güell.

I really like the way the architect Gaudi had made everything in odd shapes and filled with the beautiful mosaics. The park is definitely worth a visit. Afterwards, we moved towards La Rambla and Mercado de la Boqueria through the Gothic area. The Gothic area is very beautiful and I could imagine spending hours here getting lost in the narrow streets.

Why I think La Rambla is not for me

La Rambla was super crowded with tourists, as could be expected from such a famous place. In general, I try to avoid places like this, since I don’t really like when places are too crowded as it tends to attract people who want to trick tourists for their money etc. View over Barcelona from Park Guell

Beautiful view over Barcelona from Park GüellView over Barcelona from Park GuellPark Guell in Barcelona

One thing you MUST do in Barcelona is to visit this place!

The food market – Mercado de la Boqueria –  was probably my favorite thing we did though. Did I ever mention that I love food-markets?

We ate our way through the market and enjoyed just looking at everything. I think the market was super great and had lots of interesting and delicious foods to try.

Mercado de la Boqueria in Barcelona
Sweets in every color of the rainbow @ Mercado de la Boqueria
Fig in Mercado de la Boqueria in Barcelona
Fresh figs at the market

That’s not all, 

we decided to walk towards the beach after our stop at the market. I loved the atmosphere of the beach a lot. We hung out at the beach, while the sun went down behind us. It was magical! The sunset was beautiful and it was not really cold even though it was the middle of December. I love the Spanish weather!

After the sun went down we looked at some of the many bars in the area to find a place to sit down for a drink. I would say that the area is relatively expensive for Spain, but I guess the location makes it worth it.

Habour in Barcelona
Sunset on fire
Palm trees at the habour in Barcelona
Beautiful sunset at the harbor

I would go back to Barcelona, just to eat here! 

When it was time for dinner, we walked back to the area where we lived, where we found an amazing Vietnamese restaurant. The food was incredible and the way they had styled the restaurant, took me back to when we were traveling in Asia a couple of years ago. If you visit Barcelona, I would recommend you to visit Món Viêt.

Vietnamnese restaurant Barcelona

Third day in Barcelona: Camp Nou a football fan’s dream

But first I had to say goodbye 🙁 

The third day was Mr. Bosman’s last day in Barcelona. So after we said goodbye. I cried a bit. I’m the worst when it comes to saying goodbye, even though I knew I would see him again in a couple of weeks.

I decided to walk to Camp Nou. It was really cool to see their huge stadium, even though I am not a fan of F.C. Barcelona. I also enjoyed exploring a different part of the city, than we had done in the previous days.

So, all in all, it was a great trip and it was really nice to see Barcelona. The city had been on my bucket list for a while, so of course, it was nice to tick that off! If you want to read more about my travels in Spain click here.

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this, and you’ve taken so many beautiful pictures throughout your trip. although i wonder why you didn’t have any picture at camp nou, as a football fan, that’s actually something that i particularly want to see in a post about barcelona. 😀

    1. There are still plenty to see! These are mainly the highlights and Barcelona must sees, but I am sure the city is filled with hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered 🙂

      Mrs Bosman

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