10 best things to do in Madrid

Madrid is always a good idea!

After reading this post, you’ll have a 10 wonderful places you must visit on your next trip to the spanish capital. The city has plenty of things to do, but I tried to narrow it down to the 10 best things to do in Madrid.

Madrid is by far one of my favorite cities. I travelled to the city a few times now, and I always seem to discover new places to eat and things to do. There is something about the atmosphere in the city, which makes it a really special place. Madrid is in many ways a different kind of european big city, as the city does not have a lot of big tourist attractions, which I believe contributes to the special atmosphere.
10 best things to do in Madrid
1. Take a walk past Palacio Real


The royal palace is definitely worth a visit. There is no need to actually go into the palace, as you can see a lot from outside and you should rather save the time you would spend standing in line on doing something else.  You will notice there is quite a lot of tourists in the area around the palace, which also make it an interesting marketplace for street artist and street vendors of all kinds.

2. Take a ride with the teleférico and see the views over the city
It is hard to capture how beautiful the view is through the window of the wagon.

A ride with the teleférico is a great way to see Madrid from the top. The views from up there is beautiful! I would recommend you to eat at Casa Mingo (see more below) first and then just go one way. Afterwards, you should take a walk through the park back towards the city or head for the metro at either “Lago” or “Batan”.

3. Stroll along Gran Vía

Gran Vía is the main shopping street in Madrid and has a lot of great shops. Of course, it is fairly touristic but definitely worth a visit.

4. Go food shopping (and eat lunch) at Mercado de la Paz
These were incredibly good!

Visiting food markets is one of my favorite things to do. I love Mercado de la Paz because it has everything! Amazing food, fruits, cakes and drinks! Besides, it is less touristy and therefore also cheaper and better in my opinion compared to the more famous “Mercado San Miguel“.

5. Take a stroll through Parque del Retiro


The big, beautiful park in the center of Madrid is the perfect place to take a break from the stress and noise from the city. The park is a really cosy place to take a walk or you can sail on the lake in the middle of the park. You can also visit Palacio de Cristal, which is a beautiful glass building.

6. Visit Andén 0 – Estación de Chamberí 

Madrid Madrid

This place is really cool! It is a former metro station, that is now closed and turned into a museum. It is cool to see how the stations used to be and how the stations were used during war as a place to hide from what was going on upstairs.

7. Visit an art museum

Madrid is filled with art and museums. If you like art, I would recommend you to go Museo Reina Sofia to see Pablo Picasso’s painting Guernica (I wrote a bit about its history here) as well as a lot of modern art. You can also go and visit Museo Nacional de Prado, which also has a lot of amazing art.

8. Watch a football match at Santiago Bernabeu 


Whether or not you are a football fan, experiencing a game at Santiago Bernabeu is an incredible experience. The spaniards has a really strong culture around football, which I find quite fascinating. The fans will always let their team know how they feel about them and their competitors. At the same time a football match, sort of feel like a party as people are singing and dancing on the tribunes.

9. See the sunset at Templo de Debod


From templo de Debod there is the most beautiful view over the city. Watching the sun go down from here with people you love is definitely one of the best and most beautiful things you can do in Madrid. It is gorgeous!

Besides you can take some pretty cool photos for your instagram page 😉

10. Go on a tapas crawl in Calle Cava Bajo

If you want to eat good tapas in Madrid, this street is where you should go. The street is filled with lots of small restaurants and bars, which makes it easy to go from place to place and try different tapas and wines. I especially love the place called Taberna Tempranillo. It is a very tiny place, which makes it super cool!

Our favorite places to eat in Madrid

This is some of our favorite places to eat in Madrid. I have only mentioned a few, but Madrid is full of amazing restaurants and bars.

Casa Mingo

Madrid Madrid

This is the place to go to eat chicken and drink their specialty, sidra (I prefer dulce). Trust me, you will not be disappointed! The restaurant is really authentic with wooden furniture, barrels on the backwall and rows of bottles of sidra over the bar. If you go here, I’d recommend to go for an early lunch or dinner, because it is super busy on normal spanish eating times and you will have to wait in a looooong line.

Bonus info: The restaurant is really close to Teleférico de Madrid from which you can get a really nice view over the city.


Madrid Madrid

If you love great, italian food, this is the place you want to go! All the waiters speaks italian and are super nice, the restaurant is super cozy and you get the feeling of being in Italy for a short while. The prices are very fair for the quality of the food you get. I keep coming back to this place every time I’m in Madrid – I can’t get enough!

Taberna Tempranillo

This is the cutest little restaurant in Calle Cava Bajo. There is only a few tables and behind the bar, the wall is filled with different bottles of wine. There is usually only one guy behind the bar.  Make sure to ask him for his recommendations on which wines you should choose for your food, because he has a lot of knowledge about the wines!

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