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About Mrs BosmanMrs Bosman

So who is Mrs Bosman?

My name is Louise and  I am from Denmark. Here I currently study for my bachelor degree in business administration in my hometown Kolding, where I live with my awesome husband.

I recently came back from my Erasmus-exchange in Basque Country (Spain). My exchange was the beginning of this blog. I wanted to write down all of my experiences both for myself, but also to help others, who travel in this part of Spain. Also this blog served sort of a travel-diary.

Even though my exchange was how this started, coming home does not mean the end for this blog. I will continue to write about my everyday life, my future travel experiences and share my ideas. Hopefully it will be useful and inspiring for you to read.

What can you expect from MrsBosman.com?

My little piece of the internet will contain all the things I like: traveling, food and all the other good stuff life has to offer. I will try to guide you through the places I travel, let you in on my everyday life and share my favorite recipes with you.

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